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 The other day I had the opportunity to kick off the project at the corporate workshop.  I have been involved with this series in the past, but usually give a seminar toward the end of the series which goes on for several months.  This time, I was asked to help participants select the topic, prepare rough activity plan so that they could make a presentation to the top management in several months. This type of individual project is often found at the corporate programs which last quite some time. (I believe there were more before.)

It has been a while since I do this format, as most seminars/workshops I am asked to do lately are half-day or one day event. The topics are usually similar including work reform, productivity, future of work, sustainability, SDGs, Society 5.0, and Innovation etc.  So I had to think hard as to what to cover in 3 hours.   After giving some thoughts to how to proceed, I was reminded  of the Global Agenda Seminar series we did in 2010 for 10 months and also of the group projects we did often at graduate business and media design schools.   I recall quite a few Do’s and Don’ts I found before and planned the session around it.

At the session, I asked every participants what topics they have in mind for their project. (The project is done by individual, and not by group)  Though it was one of the early days of the program, participants had some ideas about the topics.  I tried to give a bit of structure (such as grouping under similar topics) using the topics they raised.  Then I gave an overview of world today and industry/business they are engaged.   I then shared some of the Do’s and Don’t I often find in project.  They include 1) select the topic soon, the sooner, the better 2) plan the activity in the group of similar topics so that they can share the basic task etc.

I received the feedback from the participants few days ago。To my big relief,  they seem to find the session helpful. I myself had a great time thinking on the spot as to how to proceed, responding to their questions etc.  It was much more stimulating than just giving a talk with short Q & A.  I am grateful for the opportunity to think on the spot, to make suggestions that hopefully help them proceed and to learn more about the business.

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