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The deadline for application with entry sheet for Global Agenda Seminar 2017 is May 31, about a week from now. The topic of this year’s GAS is “project management,” as we believe project work with people from different backgrounds and expertise will be one of the effective/efficient work style from now.  Now the program outline of project is available on our website.
Three client organizations for our project are British Chamber of Commerce, Finnish Chamber of Commerce and MUGEN(∞)Picture Makers. The teams of 5 members or so will define issues with clients and develop solutions to the issues they identify over the course of the seminar series. The teams will work closely with client to ensure that their project work will meet the expectation of the client.
This will be a good opportunity for those who want to learn how to manage project as a member/leader, to collaborate with people from different organizations, and to conduct the work in English.This series is intended to provide opportunity for those who want to develop skills needed now into the future by DOING  the work themselves.
Do start drafting the entry sheet before you run out of time. It is always a good idea to start writing something, rather than thinking about it.
Hope you will join us.

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