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IMG_5061I received a beautiful photo book entitled “Building an International Institution for Public-Private Cooperation” by Prof. Klaus Schwab, Founder and Executive Chairman of the World Economic Forum. I feel very privileged to receive such a beautiful book, a kind of Memoir by Prof. Schwab.
I have been involved with the activities of the Forum by attending the Annual Meeting at Davos, Summer Davos, East Asia Forum (the upcoming one is in Jakarta in 2 weeks), Japan Meeting and Global Agenda Council in the past decade or so.
I have had the honor of knowing Prof. and Mrs. Schwab and talking with them on many occasions. I have always been so impressed with his initiative to start such a project and inspired by their effort of continuing such an amazing project for as long as 45 years. I know that continuing this scale of project for 45 years requires not only passion, but perseverance and the willingness to try something new constantly.
IMG_5062IMG_5067As I was looking at many pictures in the book, I liked the column at the end entitled “Story behind the story” which Prof. Schwab writes about his own story. Many things were new to me and it made me realize how it all started and what experience he had when he was young has shaped his purpose and vision until now. He developed the concept of stakeholder which we often use now, when nobody ever thought about it and pursued to provide the space to make collaboration possible. I found his comments about his days in California amusing, as I can almost visualize him among Hippies.
Photos show Prof. & Mrs. Schwab from their wedding to now and many that show the changes taking place in the world over the past four decades. It is even more amazing how they have maintained their original spirit when the world has undergone so many changes.
I realize there are some that criticize the Forum and activities as “elitist group” etc. but continued passion and sense of purpose of Prof. & Mrs. Schwab for 45 years and the fact that the Forum is now recognized as an international entity (Swiss Federal Council officially recognized the Forum as an international entity on January 23, 2015) clearly shows that even individuals can change the world.
I am very grateful to be given such an wonderful opportunity to participate in the Forum’s activities and to get to know these two magnificent people. It is such a privilege.

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