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I am scheduled to give a talk at APO Productivity Talk on Tuesday, June 30, as I informed earlier.  It will be one of the APO Productivity talk series and will be online.  I am now preparing the outline and slides for it, and am learning quite a few things in the process.  My title is “How service sector recover from the Covid-19”  Service sector is almost hardest hit  by the Covid-19 and i particular, Asian countries suffer from the impact of Covid-19. Service sector (in particular, travel & hospitality) accounts for the big part of Asian  economies-in terms of ratio of GDP and employment, we face many challenges.

Good news is (though it may be subject to change as the second Wave of Covid-19 seems to emerge in some countries and cities)) is that Asian countries-in particular, China, South Korea and Singapore- seem to have done well controlling the pandemic.

At the same time, there is a big hurdle for the recovery,  in the area of digital transformation, technology infrastructure and skill of people, in addition to the rapid decline and exceptionally low level of demand for service.

We face uncertain future not only for the pandemic and health care infrastructure, but also whether the change in consumers behavior continues or not.  For service sector, how we see the changes is quite critical.

I am still hoping that this will serve as great (though challenging) opportunity to make a big step toward drastic transformation of the economies and society.   For details and information of the seminar on June 30, here it is.

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