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Today (June 30) I had the opportunity to give Productivity Talk on the topic of Service sector in the wake of Covid 19 at APO office.  Yesterday, I gave online talk on the subject  focusing on Human Resource under the title of “How to develop people with innovative mind and with dedication for transformational change,” as a part of Business Forum series.  It was back to back online seminars two days in a row, but on different topics, different audience and different language (yesterday was in Japanese, and today was in English). As I come to think of it, it is quite confusing. and ,more than once, my head’s spinning!

I particularly enjoyed the talk today and the discussion afterwards with the Secretary General, Dr. Mochtan who is so kind as to let us use his office for live streaming. and other staff members.  I am  always interested in how people see Japan and the Japanese today.  We discussed some ideas for future collaboration, which is very exciting for me.

I am grateful for the opportunity and appreciate all the support and help the APO staff has given me in the past several weeks.  I was quite tired as I had full day(3.5 hour board meeting in the morning!) but found the day very inspiring and encouraging.

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