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IMG_0799As I took a day off from writing etc.yesterday,  I had a few things I wanted to complete today (before people take off for the weekend in Japan AND before I go away for the weekend with friends).  At almost 10 o’clock at night now in BC, I  pretty much finished what I had set out to do for myself this morning (except packing for the trip)  It was also nice to have a clear day with blue sky and the sun, for a change.  Though I was indoor, working on my paper, and watching video archive of #39 of IMG_0807Davos Experience in Tokyo to prepare brief summary,  very high ceiling of my unit  and cool and crisp air give me an open feeling.  It is a bit of headache that I need to go to library to print out what I write (It is still very hard for me to just read it on screen, in particular, when my conclusion and supporting reasons are not crystallized!), but I walked to the library to enjoy the nice weather instead of driving. (Photo shows dining table where I spread my stuff, mess..)

As I have plans for the weekend,  will have a board meeting early next week, my friends are coming later next week AND I am going to NYC in two weeks, I need to get organized.  Though it sounds like vacation, my everyday life does not change much from that in Tokyo.  The difference? I do not take trains, and thus do not walk as much. I go to circuit training every morning, instead of jogging around the park.  I can listen to music without worrying about it is too loud.

Work does not really change as much. thanks?  to technology. I suppose boundaries between work and pleasure are disappearing… ,

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