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After my fourth day fatigue hit me last night, I started feeling better this morning after good night sleep.  It appears that our physical condition (exhaustion) affects our psychological condition as I felt I almost lost all the motivation last night and could not get myself to do anything.   As I struggled to get SINCA activity go forward this morning, my energy seemed to have come back as I was rather mad. (Sometimes anger moves you to DO something!)

So I got several items on my To do list done today.  I finally sent a note to participants of  SINCA session on November 30 to ask for their response/reactions. I reviewed application/nomination forms for the award I serve as one of the selection committee members  and just sent my result of review to the organizer.  I also got my Christmas presents for my family done. (I gave up the idea of sending gifts on their Wish list and decided to take an easy way? out.)  I replied to inquiries I had received and asked for response to the ones I have not received. So my To do list is getting shorter finally!

I decided to do something that I can do in NYC at this time of the year. So I went to hear Messiah this evening at David Geffen Hall nearby. As I wrote few times, it seems that there are so many people visiting New York and every place-retail store, post office, Whole Foods etc. is packed by so many people.  You see such long lines…

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