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IMG_6898Today, August 25, I took 2-hour private sailing lesson at Alta Lake. It was an attempt to finish my Can Sail 1 course (for beginners) which I began in July. I could not attend the last two days and they offered me 2-hour private lesson, to finish up. (Photo on the left from the other side of the lake.)
It worked out better for me as teleconference is scheduled late tonight and I need to leave early tomorrow morning to head back home.
The coach was very kind and taught me details of how to tack. I was never comfortable doing it during the course and drop-in sessions on Sundays. But he was so kind as to explain each move in IMG_6895detail, show me how to do it and let me practice. He gave me tips as to how I should change the side, when to change hands, etc. etc.(Photo on the left-coach and me)
He told me that we have to practice as many times so that it comes natural. (He told me to go for 100 times!) I ended up practicing tacking at least 20 times (probably more) and started feeling a bit more comfortable.
He gave me a lot of good suggestions to learn something new–practice practice until you can do it without thinking, do everything that is needed at the same time, no matter how hard it may look, etc. etc.
I am still quite stiff (I am told to relax and not to rush, but sometimes I get anxious if it goes too fast, etc..) and I am quite tired after solid 2-hour lesson. But the weather was great (sunny, 24 C) with good wind for me to handle. I had such a wonderful time.
I am very much looking forward to the next one (too bad it has to be next summer!) Such a wonderful way to finish my Whistler vacation…

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