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I went to see the preview of “Ghost The Musical” at Broadway. It was one of the shows recommended by my friend in Tokyo.  I tried Book of Mormon which has been very popular, but found that the first ticket available would be in June, and I had to give up.

Ghost was a popular movie, I hear (I have not seen it), and the show was very good.  It was dazzling, suspenseful,  romantic and warm at the same time.  My seat was the center 7th row or so from the stage (which is a great seat!) and I enjoyed every minute of it.

Walking to & from the theater is one of the advantages of staying in Manhattan, in addition to having so many variety of shows available!

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    • Miho Nishikawa
    • March 23rd, 2012

    I’m a fan of your blog.
    I currently live in Boston areas and will move in NYC to work there this coming August. Manhattan sounds like a wonderful place with many interesting activities!
    Hope you have enjoyed your vacation. Safe trip to Japan.

    • Hideki Yuri
    • March 24th, 2012

    Hi Ishikura-san,
    I’m staying in New Jersey now and coming to see play/musicals in Manhattan almost every day. Your blog made me interested in “Ghost” which I did not pay attention to. Just for your information, I’d recommend “Anything goes” and “War Horse” if you have a chance to see more. And “Godspell” was also good. “The Book of Mormon” is most popular but difficult to get a ticket, which means I have not seen it yet. I hope you enjoy staying in NY. 😀

    • Yoko Ishikura
    • March 26th, 2012

    Miho san, this is Yoko Ishikura. Thanks for your comment. As you can tell, NYC is my favorite city in the world. It is so relaxing, to me. You will have great time in the summer there.

    • Yoko Ishikura
    • March 26th, 2012

    Hi, Hideki san, this is Yoko Ishikura. Thanks for your comment and recommendation. It turned out that I saw Anything Goes and War Horse during my last visit to NYC in October. I have not seen Godspell or The Book of Mormon (hard to get ticket!) I recommend Once the Musical which just opened, too.
    I did enjoy my stay in NYC very much. I was lucky as the weather has been so gorgeous during my stay.

    • Hideki Yuri
    • April 6th, 2012

    Hi Ishikura-san,
    I went to see “Once” and enjoyed the show so much!
    As the show has the subtitle “Once: A new musical”, I also found the show very “new” because the music is very acoustic that the typical broadway musicals haven’t had so far as long as I know. Soon after I started seeing the show, I noticed that I have seen the movie already. I think I will check the movie again. I did standing ovation as soon as the show ended along with the almost all other audiences. This is one of the best shows that I saw in my visiting this time. Thanks so much for your recommendation. 😀

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