This afternoon, we had rehearsal for presentation of masters thesis for second year students.  Final presentation is scheduled this Friday and Saturday for those who are expected to graduate in March.  Each student is given 20 minutes to present their thesis, followed by Q & A for 10 minutes.

We had four students who practiced.  Not only I but also fellow students made comments and suggestions.  We timed and taped all presentations so that they could take a look at it themselves.

I have done many presentations and have done some workshops for presentation skills.  I also took courses for presentation skills at several occasions.  From these experiences, I am convinced that presentation is something that anybody can do well if they try.  In other words, nobody is born great presenter!   Anybody can develop good presentation skills if they learn several basic tips, spend enough time to think through their message and flow, and PRACTICE tens of times to check the flow, visuals etc.

Students will  have a day or two to revise, refine the story and practice.  I am looking forward to how much of a progress they will make from today.