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011 のコピーI get invited to give a talk to a variety of groups. The topics range from global strategy, innovation, global talent, diversity, future of jobs, just to name a few. I prepare outline of the talk and the slide file which consists of photos and pictures.
When I get to talk about the similar topics, I may follow the main storyline which is quite consistent as my thought does not change that drastically. But I always try to incorporate something new, usually my own experience in the recent months.
Sometimes I get invitation to give a talk to high school students. I find them challenging and at the same time, exciting thus I gladly accept the invitation wheneverI am available.
This Saturday, I am scheduled to give a talk at high school. I have reviewed my past talks from which this invitation came (I believe.)
After giving some thought, I decided to start from scratch. I made a conscious decision not to refer to the outline I have used before.

It is because of the following reasons. 1) I have had quite extraordinary experience these past two months, which has influenced my thinking.

2) I advocate the idea of “staying away from routine and of stepping out of your comfort zone.
160411ah038 のコピー 2So I have worked on the new outline with a different structure and have been preparing new set of slides. (I tended to use similar sets of slides with a few additions in the past for the similar topic.)
This task turned out to be quite enjoyable, in particular, finding the photo and visuals which fit the message and the story I want to convey.
I find myself engaged, forgetting time. I am still in the process and need to review the flow etc. a few more times, but it is fun…

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