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As we have less than 10 days before our next SINCA session, we would like to share with you what we plan to do on Friday, March 8,  It will be the first Practice session of SINCA series and we will try music to develop new and creative ideas. (See our PR video to get the idea below.)

As we see it, the session will proceed something like this.

Each one of us has become familiar with music and sound through our own experience from very young days. Do you recall how you become aware of the music?

Is it through your music class at grade school? Do your parents love music and let you feel the beauty of music?

We will try to apply music and sound to our effort to bring innovation to life. With three guests who have been involved in music as professional and apply music to corporate workshops for innovation and renewal, we will engage participants into some simple exercise of clapping and see how groups work together.

So if you love music, join us. If you are not too familiar with music, give it a try. Our event site is open here. You can register through this site. So sign up quick.

Check our website to find out what’s up.

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