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To our great surprise, the sun came out in the morning in Ko Olina after some rain earlier. When the blue sky appeared with strong sun, people (including me) seemed to come back to life after two straight days of heavy rain.
I am affected by the weather very much, so no wonder I started feeling much better. Probably triggered by that, I started smile to the people I came across and said Hello.
It has been my experience that people in the US (in particular, Hawaii) are very friendly and smile a lot (probably because they are on vacation?), while saying Hello to people they come across. I almost forgot about this as I had been so disappointed and somewhat depressed by the lousy weather- cold, windy and pouring rain.
With the sun and blue sky, it looked as if my happy side came out.
Taking an advantage of the nice weather, I played 9 holes of golf with three men from St. Louis who are very nice and ended the day with nice dinner with my friend from LA. It is nice to end the trip with happy note. I am leaving early tomorrow morning to head back home.

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