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When I woke up this morning, I found my nose still there OK. (left photo) My bruise on the forehead was pretty much gone and I did not feel too much pain around the nose.  I thought probably I am OK, because I was able to wash my face without too much pain and  my headache is nothing different from usual Monday after the Aikido class. (Because we throw and get thrown close to 100 times in class, I usually have pain on the back of my head on Monday.)

I worked on preparing slides for the video speech for Estonia and tried to follow the steps I received from my expert friend re: incorporating my talk and slides into youtube format.  Though I do not have another Mac and decided to use iPad instead, I had so much difficulty and finally gave up after about 3.5 hours of trying.  (with many messages exchanged with my expert friend.)

I ended up sending slides to iPhone & incorporated them into iMovie using my iPhone.  By then, it was already after  4 pm (I spent all the time since 7 am or so, preparing slides and trying to do video.)

I was going out to be in the sun after working on PC for so many hours, When I explained my accident yesterday  with the staff at the front office. She suggested I should go to the hospital as bruise along the right side of my nose (which emerged around noon) may indicate fracture.  After trying two different hospitals, I found no specialized doctor is around over the holidays and the hospital staff told me I  should come after the holidays.  So I will try my luck to stay OK. (after all these struggles today, it is my turn to have some luck?)


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