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 I am attending the Summit on the Global Agenda in Dubai, organized by the World Economic forum. I realize that the positive sum competition is going on in the world, for example, even among the members invited to the GAC.  Unless you make contribution at every one of these meetings whether it is the Summit or teleconferencing, you will not be invited back. 

  The world is inter-connected and there are so many talented people with capability and experience in almost any field.  So there are many people who can replace you and make unique contribution if you do not do so. I do not think  this fact is recognized if you stay in Japan and if your focus is what is happening in Japan.

 Another fact is the importance of speed and timing. At the Japan breakfast meeting this morning, I asked Professor Klaus Schwab, Executive chairman of the World Economic Forum, about the informal discussion we had several  months ago about featuring Japan at the Annual Meeting in January, 2011. I found out that they will feature Scandinavian countries and India in 2011. (As it is two months away, it is quite understandable that they have already decided.)  This shows very well how critical is the speed of decision making and the timing to capture the opportunity when it becomes available.  I have come across with so many instances lately that the opportunity is lost almost forever, simply because the decisions are not made in time.  We are living in the fast-paced world of the 21st century.  The notion of this speed and importance of timing is hard to feel if you stay in Japan.

 I realize this is just one organization and one incident, but I feel that this reflects the recent trend in the world.  This experience made me feel a sense of urgency and at the same time, I am motivated and encouraged to do something specific about it.

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