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  I received a very positive feedback from students regarding the Competitiveness course.  It was such great encouragement for me that I want to make it better and more relevant.  (It made my day!) 

  I myself  had a great time teaching the course, as I learned a lot from students about various countries and intiatives.  I felt that the discussion we had in class was very insightful and exciting.  I was very excited about each and every session, and feel very happy that the students shared my enthusiasm and impression.(Sometimes, you feel that it went well and get shocked when you find that the impression of the participants is completely different!)

  It was such a contrast from the very negative feedback from the student regarding the Field Study I received early April. (It incidentally triggered my depressive cycle.)   The negative feedback prompted me (and us) to move on to the new plan for the Field Study next year, and thus had much value. 

  Though feedback  is a good way to reflect, whether negative or positive,  I think getting the positive feedback is one of the best motivational means.

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