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I have developed the concept of portfolio of friends a while ago. In today’s terms, it is diverse network. Rather than having similar group of a few friends, it is usually a good idea to have groups of people from different background and different expertise.
When I was thinking about portfolio of friends, it was mainly for the purpose of depending upon few people for your support. In extreme case, if you have just one person that you can rely on at the time of crisis, it is very risky as the person may leave and/or the person turns out to be different from what you expect.
In addition, I think it is better to consult and ask for help from people who have had career if you are faced with career related problem. If your problem is more related to work-life balance, it does not help to ask for advice from people with no family, or no work experience.
I find it quite interesting to realize that portfolio of friends is now called diverse network. The terms reflect the era and the time.

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