On Tuesday, March 2, the special seminar on Competitive Strategy/Porter Prize was held at Nikkei Conference Room in Otemachi. Porter Prize was established in 2001 in order to identify  and recognize Japanese companies/business divisions with superior performance and  unique strategy.    ICS has served as the organizing committee in the past 9 years. Since its inception, Dean Takeuchi of ICS has served as a chair of the organizing committee.  As he is leaving in a few months, I am taking over his role.

In the first part of the seminar, I gave a talk on the Strategic Shift required of the Japanese companies today.  I introduced two key concepts of Open Innovation and the shift of the OR choices to the AND paradigm which I propose in my most recent book.  I have touched upon some specific examples of the companies (which happened to be the winners of the Porter Prize!) implementing these two key concepts. (I did not get into details as the time was rather limited.)

In the second part, Associate Professor Emi Osono, who has served as a key member of the Organizing committee over the past decade, explained the details of the winners and what criteria are used to evaluate the companies and/or Divisions. She gave many specific suggestions to the companies interested in applying.

We had some 200 participants (We had over 500 applicants!) at the seminar.  I hope that we get the message across and we will have many applicants for the Porter Prize this year.  See this website for details of the Porter Prize.