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MEP GaryToday, December 10, was  Porter Day.  Professor Michael E. Porter of Harvard Business School came to give a lecture for the ICS in the morning.  He also gave a seminar at the Porter Prize event in the afternoon at Hotel Okura.

I have heard his lecture on Strategy so many times and have been quite familiar with his view on Strategy and Society.  He moderated many sessions in Davos and elsewhere, on Corporate Citizenship and Corporate Social Responsibility lately.  I have been affected by his thinking when I developed the concept of Strategic Shift from OR choices to the AND paradigm (in my most recent book in Japanese).

I also teach the Competitiveness course he originally designed over the past seven years, and have been quite familiar with the need for collaboration between companies and government.

Today’s lecture was much more interesting and inspiring than I had expected.  His thinking has advanced quite a bit since the last time I heard him.   The concept he now advocates is “shared value” and it captures the new dimension of value that the corporations can create.  His notion of social and economic dimensions of the strategy is much clearer now than ever before.

I am very excited and cannot wait to join him in Boston next week again to discuss these issues more.   I realize that  Global Agenda Seminar starting in January 2010 at Academy Hills is very much in line with the cutting edge of strategy thinking.   What an exciting world!

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