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The other day I recommended several English podcast I listen to on this blogpost.  I received additional recommendations for the show such as 60 minutes.  I also wrote a bit about the possibility of online discussion on the topic of Podcast so that we can balance Input and Output.   We are now planning  to have online debate -we will hopefully test tomorrow to see how the breakout sessions on zoom work- and probably announce sometime next week so that we can do the session in a week or so.

In  addition to debate, I want to explore the possibility of discussion on some topics on English podcast.  As I think it is good to do it once a week, I am inclined to take the suggestion of using “60 minutes”.   60 minutes is one-hour show with several topics (usually) broadcast on Sundays in the US.  We can pick one item of the show and discuss.  Now that I think of it, I believe I may be able to use the same zoom arrangement for 60 minutes discussion.

I will check the “60 minutes” broadcast on Sunday in the US (which means we can listen to podcast on Monday our time.)  and select the topic and ask for volunteers to discuss the topic in English.  So stay tuned.


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