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Today, August 31, is relatively free day for me, as I had no meeting scheduled for a change. I concentrated on drafting the article due on Monday.  Though it is not complete, I changed the structure and message almost completely from the draft I wrote yesterday.  I still need some data and review the whole story, which I will do tomorrow.

Today was the fourth day after I came back from British Columbia on Tuesday.  The fourth day is a killer after the overseas trips, as it is about the time I feel exhausted and the mental stamina as well as physical stamina  wanes. (As I do not come back until the last minute and thus need to start activities the next day after I come back, the physical and mental stamina is exhausted just about the fourth day.)  This is the same whether I come back from overseas trips or I go to overseas (in particular, the East coast of North America.)

As I sleep well on the plane, I can usually start activities right after I arrive.  I also tend to plan activities immediately, and it takes four days for my exhaustion hits the peak.  Today is the fourth day.  I finished arranging for flights togo to Monaco I had given up few days ago, and now can go to bed!

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