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 I recently wrote that you can make it a habit relatively easily  if you like the activity itself.  It was triggered by my finding that there are many who feel exercise is their duty? (not fun, but something they have to do). I was a bit surprised as it was a sharp contrast with my case. I love workout and sports, thus find it easy to make it a daily routine.(In fact, I had conversation with my friend the other day who does his routine 365 days a year, no matter what! I felt we belong to the same crazy group? But probably he LIKES the weight training.)
This morning I found the article that says ” physical exercise works better? for cognition than mental training which is quite popular these days.”  The study describes the result of the difference between children with physical training and those without, in terms of cognitive capability.  The same is true with adults, the article said.  (Photo on the left show the brain activity) No question that  I was very encouraged by the article and motivated even more to do daily workout.

As for the physical exercise by children and by adults, at my private Aikido lesson yesterday, Paul my  instructor and I were talking about how natural the children learn many techniques and movements.  Adults (like me) have difficulty transmitting what I hear and learn to my body movement and I have to “think” while learning moves.
One of the reasons that physical exercise helps keep your brain sharp is because it requires concentration. For example, Aikido and strength training with weights and even tread mill require concentration. If you do not concentrate, you can get hurt, and thus may help maintaining the cognitive capability. Concentration may be even more important as today’s world surrounds us with so many distractions.

Now I have every rationale to continue activities! With nice weather outside and flowers blooming, why not join us! You can kill two birds with one stone….

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