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Following the quick report uploaded late night, here is more on Davos Experience in Tokyo #58 at Philips Japan. We began with some ice-breaking discussion about image of Philips and what we do to keep ourselves healthy.
Then Mr. Tsutsumi, President and CEO presented Philips’s past,present and future, focusing on the concept of Health-Tech and eco system.
We then began breakout sessions on three topics- how to market their Soni Clean electric tooth brush in Japan, where to locate and make accessible AED and which company/industry to approach to design eco system.
After about 45 minutes or so, some groups reported back their ideas. Mr. Tsutsumi made comments on some of the ideas reported back and the session ended with group photo.
We stayed for networking with drinks and food until close to 11 pm. We are grateful to Philips team who made all the arrangement to make this session fun. We hope those who participated found the session interesting, exciting and above all, fun.

Here is a short video showing the activities. (I tried to do voice over in English, but for some technical reasons? my iPhone does not function today.  So some sounds, but not all. ) You can get the feel for it, I hope.


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