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Recently I came across with some occasions where people seem to expand or limit their perspectives/views without realizing it, through who you interact with.  This is nothing new, as we are influenced by people we interact.   I sense, however, that with physical ,movement restrictions, the tendency to make our network narrower may be slowly taking place.

With information overload and variety of information sources (some factual, and many not), who you interact with makes a big difference.  It is one thing to have variety of information sources so that they are not biased, but it is even more important (I feel) to make sure your network of people is fresh and updated.

We tend to interact with people of similar age group and/or interest, but then we may lose the opportunity to update ourselves.  Those who are full of energy/passion to pursue some clear purpose of their own are so inspiring that the interaction with them give us energy.  Those who constantly pursue something new (i.e. not satisfied with the status quo with the belief that better world can be designed and created) are even more inspiring.

What do you do if your network consists of people who lack aspirations and/or desire to try something new?  I think it is time for you to leave the network and find a new one… It is our responsibility to keep our network and community full of passion and action.  Are you ready?


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