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 peak2p1peak2p2yi  Last week, I decided to try the Peak2Peak in Whistler/Blackcomb mountains in British Columbia.  The gondola connecting two mountains of Whistler and Blackcomb (venue of 2010 Winter Olympics) opened in June.  It is 4.4km long with longest unsupported span of 3.02 km.(Photo on the left shows the gondola and the one on the right shows me in the gondola.)

   I have heard so much about it from the people here as the “Must” activity and  decided to take their advice.  It was a perfect day to tray as it was clear, gorgeous day. 

   You ride on the gondola to the peak of Whislter mountain first (takes about 35 minutes). Then you take the new Peak2Peak gondola to the peak of Blackcomb mountain(takes about 12 minutes or so).   It was quite cool at the peak (not exactly the top of the mountain, as we can hike higher) and there was some glacier around.  (I needed sweater and the fleece.) 

   peak2p3After Peak2Peak gondola, you take two chairs down Blackcomb mountain to come down to the Blackcomb base.  (Photo on the left) It was an exciting experience to say the least.  It was a gorgeous day, with clouds below you!(as you are so high) and flowers here and there. (I did not see any bear, which is very unusual.)

  There were so many mountain bikers as well coming down the steep hills in the major mountain bike events over the weekend.  What a way to spend a beautiful summer day!

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