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Last night(July 6) I went to Paul McCartney’s Freshen up concert at BC Place in Vancouver.  I happened to find about the concert and decided to go.  It was a bit of trial and error to buy ticket online, but finally made it with the help of online chat.  (My usual place did not work, probably I am in Canada). I managed to print out ticket in pdf form at the printer in the hotel lobby.

The place is quite close and it took a cab for 5 minutes before I came very close, to start walking with the big crowd all going there.

This is the second time I go to Paul’s concert (first time was over a year ago-I trust- at Madison Square Garden in NYC.) I love the fact that there is no opening act and after video for 20 minutes or so, Paul and the band shows up and start singing.  They played old songs (All my loving, Hey Jude, Yesterday, etc.) and new songs and in-between songs.  Paul is so full of energy, obviously enjoying it and gets the audience excited.  We sang, waved the light and enjoyed every minute of it.  He keeps singing for 3 hours, changing instrument one after another.  The set and video is so amazing that I love it.  (Last time in MSG, my seat was on the side and I did not see video well, so it was even more impressive this time!)

I made short video with a bit of voice over in Japanese.  Enjoy!

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