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After the session #50 of Davos Experience in Tokyo series at Shiseido on Friday, July 28, I interviewed two participants about their impression of the session.
For Davos sessions, we usually interview presenter (in this case, Ms. Yamamoto) before the session and participants after the session. However, we were busy getting ready for the session this time, and missed the opportunity to interview Ms. Yamamoto. (I hope to find another opportunity to do so.)

During the networking after the session where we were enjoying meeting with people over beer and pizza, I interviewed two participants. The first person is M. Abe of Shiseido who participated in Davos session for the first time, and the second was George, KMD alumni and has participated in Davos a few times before.

Interview with Mayuka in Japanese and English and the one with George is in English. It is over 4 minutes (i.e. a bit long), but hope you can get the feel for the session.

For the next session on September 1 on stress, mindfulness and neuroscience, the regular site for Davos… is now back to life. So you can find details and register here.

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