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Following the part 1 I uploaded yesterday, here is the edited version of Part 2 of SINCA on Sunday. It consists of some 10+ participants’ ideal self at the end of the year 2021 and activities to make it happen. I wanted to show all the participants and their story, while keeping the video less than 15 minutes (which I found is the limit!). So I did not include the exchange I had with each participant.
At the end of the video, we did something fun-dancing to the music. I thoroughly enjoyed it and hope we can try something fun in the new year.
I want to thank all the participants who joined me during this year and hope all of them have happy holidays.
As I talked towards the end of the video, it was a year that many of us had to adapt somehow. Though we were not able to hold “real” sessions of SINCA with networking, food and drinks, I think we have tried many new things and experiment.
Video is about 13 minutes or so. Enjoy!

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