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This is the video part 2 of #48 of Davos Experience in Tokyo series held on Friday, May 26. After the breakout session to think of other applications  than the ones by Mayuko Yamaura’s, (image analytics, AI and marketing combination) and report back, we began networking. After everybody seemed to be relaxed, I interviewed two participants. I love talking with participants and this session was no exception (it was even better as we had relatively small groups. I believe I talked with everyone of them.)  Here is the part 2.

Our next session is on June 23 with the topic a bit different from the past two sessions more around technology. It is on Human Rights and Refugees which have been intensely debated throughout the world.  We will have two guests-who work for Human Rights Watch and the other who founded the NPO WELGEE for welcoming refugee. Details and registration is already open via this site.

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