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Korean movie Parasite won four major awards at Academy 92.  It was one of the top contenders, and already won several prestigious awards in movie industry.  I have not seen it yet (with all the others nominated for Best picture this year), but heard it is such an excellent film. (I checked the trailer and felt it could be a bit scary, but I hear it is not.)

The director, Bong Joon Ho, paid tribute to Martin Scorsese whose words and movies he adored while leaning the movies.  Translated into English, it was “Most personal is most creative.” I think it is wonderful.  The director spoke in Korean mainly, but said a few words in English.  The way he and his team looked so happy was so good to see.  I hope this will start more collaborative and receptive mood in the society.  (unlike some depressive tones around coronavirus and impeachment trial which has taken so much attention these several days.)  Seeing the scene and reading LA Times article has lifted my spirit.

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