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Today (Saturday, November 18), I went para saiing. I saw the ad yesterday and reserved the spot this morning at 11 am. (Almost impulse decision!) I tried spinnaker flying several decades ago in Providence MA, loved it and always wanted to give it another try. I figured para sailing is similar to the one I tried before, so I was very much looking forward to it.

When I checked in, however, I heard that I cannot go, as I do not reach the required weight (160 lbs for solo. There was another person but he was big!) and no staff was available to go with me. The staff said that they could refund me, while I tried to find out whether there is any possibility that I could go with others later in the day.

The couple who now live in Kona after many years in Alaska (probably similar or a bit younger than me) was checking in and listened to our conversation. They offered me whether I would like to go with them. I said Yes! and decided to go with them in three some.

They put harness and life jacket on each one of us, told us what to do and we went into the ocean in a boat. Three of us went first and it was such a wonderful experience to fly over the ocean, while watching waves, trees etc. I am so grateful to the couple who offered me the opportunity.

I completely forgot about asking the man who went alone after us to take a photo/video of me flying! So I took video and photo of him flying. You can sense the excitement I had!

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