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I am leaving tomorrow morning (Wednesday) to head back to Japan after a week of stay in New York City.  This trip has been quite an experience in terms of weather (summer to almost winter with lot of rain), need to move three times (within the same building), time-pressed activities (I was half day late for the 2 day workshop on Future of Jobs workshop) and amount of work I needed to do- I have four seminars/workshops to do while in Tokyo before I leave again. The language to use for these seminars and workshops are about half and half English and Japanese, and made it quite complicated to prepare outline and presentation slides.  Two weeks ago it  was almost all in English and it was relatively simple to prepare, though topics were quite diverse.  This past week was a combination of Japanese and English, which required more data processing!

In addition, my Mac Air kept sending the message that I have limited disk space and I was getting quite worried as I did not know what to do to release the space.  Naturally, I searched for the information and started following instructions.  I also contacted my expert/friend, but being in New York, and not home, made things a bit complicated..

As I was explaining my headache to my family, they suggested that I should go to Apple store just a bloc away.  SI tried to go last night, only to find that the store was closing.  So it was the first item on my to do list for today and went there at 9:00 am when they opened.  After about an hour, the technical person was ready to meet me, and she explained the steps.  (We changed the language etc.)  It took a very long time, to gain back 30 GB of space, but I am relieved.

With the move three times and space disappearing very quickly, I was under some pressure. The trip began with unexpected upgrade to the First Class, whichI appreciated very much, but from then on, it reflected today’s world….


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