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On New Year’s Eve (today!), I decided to review overseas trips I made during the year. Because snow storm canceled the panel I was to attend in New York in February and we rescheduled in April, the first six months saw 4 trips to New York City! The trip to Canberra, Australia was the only one other than four trips to NYC during the first six months.
July and August was spent as usual in British Columbia (I have avoided summer in Tokyo, close to two decades by now.) where we suffered a bit from the smoke from wild fires.
I made two more trips to NYC in September and in December. November was the month when I made attempts to try new places such as Bay Area and Kona, Hawaii.
Last trip for this year was to Hong Kong.

I enjoyed new destinations (I have been away for so long that it was almost new!) very much and now want to go back to Bay Area, Hong Kong etc.  I missed a few trips where I was invited to attend the conference, because the dates did not work and/or it was cutting too close that I decided not to push too much. (I made at least two trips last year back to back to attend the conferences, and I figured it was getting a bit too much.)
Overall, I had great year with just about right amount of overseas trips with little jet lag! Here is a short video.(As I am not too familiar with including BGM without copyright issue. It has my voiceover in English only. I will try to learn soon!)

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