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I wrote about the need to have both “input” and “output” when we are in the process of developing new skill and of trying something new.  I have wondered why “output” seems to be more difficult and/or people seem to be  reluctant to try “output” much more so than starting to “input.”

For example, I often find it difficult to convince people to “write” on paper (on on PC or whatever device, it may be) rather than just “reading”.  Same holds true with “expressing your view”.  People seem to feel intimidated? to express their view, opinion, preference etc.

It is understandable for people to be less willing to “output” than “input”, because “output” is much harder and requires more thinking and effort.  “Output” needs to be revised repeatedly if we want to have a good “output.”  “Output” may make you vulnerable to many (sometimes unreasonable) criticisms.  In a way, it exposes us.

Precisely for these reasons, however,  I think it is critical to “output” in addition to “input.”  You need frequency to produce some good “output”.  The more output, the better you are likely to be. Being challenged, though it is not always pleasant, will get you out of your comfort zone and make you think more.    There is also synergy effect and enhancing effect between “output” and “input.”  If you try “output”, you will know what type of “input” you will need and your “input” activities will get more effective and efficient.  If you have better “input,”  your “output” will improve over the long run.

So why not getting out of this “avoiding output” syndrome and start a new step?

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