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I took a flight to Osaka today to attend the shareholder meeting tomorrow.  This trip is the first in five months out of Tokyo.  I debated whether I should take train or flight, but decided to go with flight. It is shorter compared with bullet train and I also heard that airplane changes air flow after short interval from my friend who works for the airlines.

I was so excited to be at the airport and lounge, and I almost missed the flight.  After five months, Haneda airport looked different as it now under renovation.  Flight was nice and seating with enough spaces makes me relaxed more.

Hotel is very quiet and few restaurants are open.  You can really tell how much damage has been done to the hospitality industry.  I ended up walking around the busy section of Osaka with so many bars and restaurants (difficult to see the impact of Covid-19) .  Good thing was that I had Okonomiyaki which I was determined to have in Osaka!  It was a small place with counter only, but Okonomiyaki was great!

I plan to go to bed early tonight as I was so irritable this morning with short sleep and time pressure to prepare outline/slides for upcoming seminars. I realized that I must have been under some stress with Covid-19 as I seem to have lost “You can.” and positive mentality.


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