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I have been given a few opportunities to write blog and my story in English lately.  One is the blog based upon the Chapter I wrote for the Education & Skills 2.0.  I received a note to invite me to write a blog, and I jumped on the opportunity.  I managed to write the draft, following the instructions –word count, tone, etc. and the editor came back with some suggestions.  We exchanged ideas and then we received more comments from the people who read it for the first time. (The person who invited me in the first place edited our report and my chapter so she knew the content very well.)

Comments we received from others such as missing link in logic and asking for some specific examples made us think as they were very helpful and much to the point.  I tried to find some examples and finally managed to (hopefully) come to the final version.  (It is to be post soon, and I will write on this blog when it does.)

Then today I was invited to write another blog on the similar topic. I said Yes, as it is a great opportunity.  Even it takes a lot of time and sometimes causes headaches, it is definitely a good opportunity.  After all, not too many people are invited to write.

One more task whose deadline is coming soon is the story of our life after Doctoral Program at HBS for the Doctoral Program Reunion held right before (I believe) the commencement at Harvard University in early June.  I noticed that the deadline is May 1 (I marked my calendar in RED for all the deadlines,so that I do not forget) today, and started writing.  I am not finished yet, but I  benefit from the time difference between Japan and the east coast. I have another day to finish this one.   Though I am not able to attend the Reunion, my story will be there (I hope!)

As I was sorting documents which have been piled up since few months ago, I located the booklet entitled “Forum Fellows” of the World Economic Forum for Annual Meeting 2001.  It was the first Annual Meeting I attended and I find my picture (young looking!)  in the Booklet.  Other people included in the Forum Fellow book are: Elie Wiesel, Ben & Rose Zander,  Zhu Min, Clayton Christensen, Rosabeth Moss Kanter, Michael Porter,  Jeffrey Sachs, Laura Tyson, Martin Wolf, Joseph Nye, Guy Kawasaki, Paul Saffo, Joseph Stiglitz to name a few.  They all look young!

When I went to Davos for the first time, I had NO idea what I was getting into.  If I had known all these people in the Forum Fellow Book, I could have been scared and shied away.  Sometimes, not knowing much about it, but taking the opportunity as it arrives may be a good idea…

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