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 During the Summit on the Global Agenda 2011, I was given two great opportunities. The first was the invitation I received before I left Tokyo to guest blog on the Forum blog. I have no idea why they picked me as one of a small group of select participants, but I received an invitation to write two blog posts before and during/after the event. As I write a blog in English (and in Japanese) every day, I decided to accep the invitation. (I thought it was such a great opportunity.)
 I started feeling the burden,though, as I had to think and spend more time drafting the blog posts if it goes on to the Forum blog. It was additional task over many meetings during the Summit!   I did not regret my answer of Yes, but I had to work more.  

  Now several hours before my flight takes off from Abu Dhabi, I managed to write the post-event blog.  Now I can relax and can write  my own!

  Another opportunity given to me during the Summit was the role of moderator of the New Models Session and of the Report back at the Plenary session. I was asked to take this role the day before, in between many meetings. As I usually accept such a great invitation, I said Yes, without realizing the scale of the New Models session and the importance of the Plenary. (I was running around to get discussion going and did not really think seriously about the task. )   Agreeing to take the role of moderator and plenary meant more meetings and more emails with materials to go over and it became quite overwhelming. 

  When I realized the responsibility, I was naturally scared.  English is not my mother  tongue, and sometimes, I have difficulty getting the right words to explain something I want to say  and/or understanding what others say. (In particular, when many abstrace words were used!)   I was pretty desparate when I tried to distill some key insights from the New Model session (We had 9 groups and over 100 people!  I have never moderated such a huge session!) It was quite nerve-wrecking to be a part of the plenary. 

  As I reflect back, I have many things I could have done during the wrap up of New Models session and at the plenary. I could have explained more specifically, clearly etc.  Some questions, I could not respond well, as I did not quite understand what I was asked etc.  So there are many things I could have done.  You would not believe how relieved I felt after the plenary.  (Though we had another meeting  over lunch which I  was asked to come, so I had to rush and say something there.)  

  Despite all “I could have done….”  I am glad that I did it. I am immensely grateful for the opportunities I have been given during the past three days.  It is a big challenge and brings some headaches, but you do not get this type of opportunities often and when you do, you need to grab them.   I feel very privileged to be a part of such a distinguished group of people of Global Agenda Councils and in addition to be given such a great opportunity.

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