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Last Sunday, November 15, I went to see the opera A Dream of Armageddon at New National Theatre.  Dai Fujikura who composed the music (and produced?) mentioned the original short story, and I read the Japanese translation before I went.  I was quite confused by the characters (probably partially due to the Japanese translation which is difficult to distinguish who is who?), I was lost.  After I saw the interview by Harry Ross who did words of the opera, I had a bit clearer idea of what it was all about.

When I saw the performance, however, my confusion came back as it seemed to follow the original story.   So after I saw the show, I was quite lost and did not make any blog entry.  Now the highlight video of the performance is available and there are two more performances scheduled, I decided to write in this blog.  (As I come to think of it, I was under so much pressure a few days before I went to see it AND I decided to go to Kyoto the next day and arranged the meeting etc.- i.e. rushed decision- I was NOT ready to appreciate with clear mind.)  In fact, even when I see the highlight video as below, I cannot recall whether I saw the scene or not.  (It appears that my mind was off somewhere when I saw it?)

Here is the video (some 5 minutes showing some scenes from the opera) For details and tickets, here is the link.

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