12salon_4-959x398In the evening of Tuesday, December 8, CiP will host the talk/session entitled “Life in 2020 from Tokyo:what will Industry 4.0 bring?” at Mita campus of Keio University. CiP is the project organized and supported by a variety of organizations and its main focus of the activities are in the Takeshiba area.
Industry 4.0 has been the hot topic lately and often discussed/debated from technological perspectives. Unlike these trends, this talk/session will focus on “what our life will look like with Industry 4.0?.”
CipflyerKey note speaker is Dr. Kenichiro Mogi and it is followed by the dialogue with Prof. Ichiya Nakamura. Mr. Takahiro Taguchi of Toyota will give a talk and so will I. Three of us will have a panel discussion in the last part of the program.
For details and registration follow this link.