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  As announced before, I will host Open Forum at ICS near Jinbocho on March 18.  We will have several presentations (at least one would be in English) using pechakucha format, followed by breakout brainstorming sessions.  Those who do not understand Japanese may find the presentations in Japanese difficult to follow, you can join the one in English.  As the presentation is all in the form of visuals (no text), you may be able to follow the idea.

   Details are as follows: Date Friday, March 18, Time from 7:00 p.m. on  Place, ICS, Hitotsubashi, National Center of Sciences, 6th floor, Classroom 1 (See map)

 This year, we plan to ustream the session so that those who cannot come can watch.

 After the session, we will have Get-together in the area nearby (probably from 9:00 p.m. or so).  Those who want to come to Open Forum, but have no contacts with any one of Aoyama Gakuin alumni, Darden, GAS or ICS,  please leave comment to this blog.  I will contact you for the details.  Those who belong to any one of the groups above, please contact the people in charge directly.

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