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Yesterday, we had the Open Forum 2010 at ICS. We had some 45 people including Aoyama alumni, Global Agenda Seminar participants, their friends and those who saw my blog and registered.  We started the session with showing the video of Innovation Live Special I taped with Mr. Ishii, President of Point, winner of Porter Prize, as the guest.

As we had some 35 people or so, I welcomed the people and asked each one to briefly  introduce himself/herself. Then we did the ice-breaking game to remember everybody’s name.  (I do this very often now, as it is very effective to remember names, and get people engaged.)

Then the Part I of the group discussion began. I had sent to those who registered for the Open Forum a few summaries of the discussions we had at Annual Meeting of World Economic Forum on the subjects of leadership, employment and education.  I also sent them three sets of questions to think in advance.  They are 1) What are the qualifications required for the leaders in the 21st century?  2) What should government, corporations, and educational institutions do to make it happen?  3) What do YOU do as an individual to develop those qualifications?

I divided the participants into 6 groups and asked them to pick up 3-5 most important qualifications to respond to question 1). After 20 minutes, we had 6 lists from 6 groups and with that we had some general discussion.  Part II was the question 2) above, and I assigned two groups each for each role–namely, government, corporations and educational institutions. They were expected to develop an action plan.  Then the same procedure was followed.

We had general discussion and I showed them the video of the Work Space session I co-facilitated to get the feel of the World Economic Forum.  The Open Forum ended little after 9:00 p.m.

Then we moved to the restaurant nearby for the informal get-together.  There were some 40 people.  I talked with quite a few of them and it was fun.  At the end (it was after 11:00 p.m.!), they gave me a beautiful orange scarf as my birthday is coming up soon.

The only thing we missed was that students from Peter Drucker School who arrived at Narita around 7:00 p.m. ? arrived at ICS right at the end of the Open Forum.  I wish they could have participated in our discussion.

The day started at 9:30 with the meeting with the ICS Field Study team and I had several meetings back to back.  The day was LONG (some 15-hour-day!), but it was so much fun.  It is great to have young people with high energy to get together, think about important issues and have fun.  I am so fortunate to be able to have these people.

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