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IMG_2075 I had lunch meeting with Toru Iyoshi and Kiyoshi Kurokawa, both dedicated to open education and development of future generation two days ago.  It was the first time for me to meet with Dr. Iiyoshi in person, though I felt I had known him for a long time.  I read the book (in Japanese) “Learning via Web” he wrote with Mochio Umeda. I was so impressed that I wrote a review on my blog, through which we got to know each other. 

  I have been very interested in open education platform as has been done in the U.S. and other countries.  I developed some plan to develop it in Japan with the plan to make it to global scale and asked for comment from Dr. Iiyoshi.  It turned out that Dr. Kurokawa with whom I  have worked on many occasions knew Dr. Iiyoshi and the community of vision and passion(though three members only!)  was formed virtually.

   We decided to meet while Dr. Iiyoshi is in Tokyo and there it was–three of us discussing ideas and ways to make it happen in Japan over lunch.   It was very inspiring and encouraging to share ideas with people who are dedicated and committed to the development of young generation, and at the same time, we realized quite a few obstacles such as the reluctance on the part of universities in Japan to make their activities transparent and to make their knowledge assets open for the public good.

  I feel that we can and should make many things open so that we are encouraged and sometimes almost “forced” to make efforts to improve. (I know myself how lazy I can be if no pressure is on!)   I realize it is tough to open up, as our performance becomes known and thus we are always driven to make it better.  But opening up also provides the opportunity for us to identify what we are good at.  It is not always negative, but can be positive!  Risk comes both ways–downside and upside (probably we do not call upside the risk?)

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