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This evening I watched/listened to the online version of the  concert I attended on October 13 at Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre.  I received the ticket to watch online version as a part of return from my donation.   I heard that online version is very different from the original concert and had a glimpse of brief video as Yoichi Ochiai tweeted.

In fact, it was very different and in particular, last pieces “Longing from Afar” by Dai Fujikura & “L’HIstoire du soldat” by Igor Stravinsky were completely different pieces from the ones I heard at the concert hall.  Though I saw some visuals  shown at the hall, the online version was 3 dimensional with different movement.  I thought this type of production can be positioned as different pieces, rather than “online version.”  They seem to offer different sensory impact on us  from the live music we hear at the hall.

I also liked the video clip in between the first and the second part which showed discussion and rehearsals they did.  It is such an exciting and inspiring attempt and I hope this type of initiative will continue.  You can watch the video clip here (in Japanese, but you can get the feel for it?)

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