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Today, we had weekly Online Idobata zoom session at noon.  The four people were not able to come, and so we had six in total.  It turned out that it was a good size as all of us were able to say something, without interrupting others and we were able to share good, useful information.  I am experimenting a variety of format for SINCA online session among others and found today’s Idobata was quite close to ideal in terms of communication and information sharing. (Photo on the left is from last week, as I did not take a photo today!)

I might try to introduce breakout room arrangement for this Idobata group (i.e. split 10 into 5 each.)  It is because we meet every week and  know each others well.  I also want to try how to assign members in advance, and how to respond when some people do not show up.

I tried to do it at our last SINCA session where we had the biggest group of 40 but did not as I wanted to try it with people I know before hand.  (Last SINCa session was special as we invited high school students for the first time and I we did not want to do anything extra that might interrupt -i.e. breakout arrangement beforehand- as we wanted to make sure that students have good time as well as our business people.)  I will propose to my Idobata group to see how they respond. So stay tuned..   Our online Idobata is set for one hour, and we do not go on.  Probably Japan IOC can follow this rule? hahaha.


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