IMG_9987These few weeks have turned out to be some crisis for me (not the kind Prime Minister Abe talked about at G7 today in Ise Shima, though.) I had two seminars in Osaka and in Hiroshima and went back and forth twice. In addition, I have big key note speech next week which has required quite extensive preparation. (On top of that, my initial understanding did not fit the client’s expectations, and thus I had to do the whole thing all over again.)
I have struggled with recruiting participants for the upcoming seminar series and have tried a variety of ways to get people join us. In addition I have several board meetings and workshops for the companies I serve as outside board member.
With these things going on, I have had other headaches. One is the project I took on recently and there turned out to be some difference in understanding. The other is my lack of IT skill and I have had difficulty making the pdf file from powerpoint using my Mac. (It turned out that my powerpoint file worked fine on Windows today!)
I am losing some sleep (getting up at 4:30a.m. or so, coming back almost midnight etc.) and naturally physically exhausted. I find myself irritable and not patient enough, due to the bundle of issues as above. I decided not to make any major decisions as I cannot think clear enough and decided to take one day and one task at a time, as my productivity has gone down.
IMG_9985One relaxing moment was 10th anniversary dinner with my Dad at his senior residence. Chef Kihachi cooked very nice course dinner for the 10th anniversary yesterday. Though I stayed away from drinks (I had a lot to do last night!) I enjoyed dinner and relaxing time with my Dad and friends. Something was good!