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I am leaving in half an hour from Narita to Zurich to participate in the Annual Meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos. The  theme this year is Grand Transformations: Shaping New Models.

The urgent topics include sovereign debt crisis in EU, employment,  and public anger & outcry  toward “gap” and “inequality” expressed in the form of many movements.  It reminds me how quickly the world has been changing as it was at Davos last year, when I heard of the incident in Tunisia, which has become Arab Spring and spread throughout the world today.  How governments and businesses deal with the complex, inter-related issues which are progressing at accelerating speed is the agenda all of us face.

I hear that there has not been so much snow in Davos as this year  in the past 42 years, and it actually snowed heavily in Tokyo.   I managed to get to Narita airport and am on my way.  I will attend as many interesting sessions as possible while in Davos.  Stay Tuned.

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