This weekend marks the Memorial Day Weekend(long weekend)  in the U.S. (Memorial Day is May 30th this year), the official beginning of the summer.  I personally like this weekend, as summer is the fun time.  People start making plans for summer vacation, leave office early on Friday so that they can go away from the city, and many free concerts and performing arts are scheduled at the parks etc. I feel very energized and free in the summer. (Summer officially ends with Labor Day weekend-first Monday in September).

   In this part of the world, few days ago, official start of the rainy season is declared in Tokyo area.  It marks the long rainy season with rain, cloud, and high humidity.  It is not the best season and naturally a bit depressing.  (I wish we had official end of rainy season day!)

   As the two official beginnings took place around the same time this year, the contrast becomes even sharper.  I think the weather affects how we feel not just physically but psychologically.  Now that we are in official rainy season in Tokyo, we need to cheer up ourselves, probably by wearing bright color clothes, bright color unmbrella (I have one in pink!) and bright color boots.  (This is on my Wish list!)