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I am now at Haneda airport to catch the flight to Tianjin via Shanghai.  It is for the purpose of attending the Annual Meeting of New Champions after several years.  I was not able to come to the meeting, since it was held in June, busy month for shareholder meetings in Japan.  This year, it is being held in September, and I am happy to be a part of it. (though I miss the first day as I promised to moderate the panel at Dow Innovation Day in Tokyo.)

I am scheduled to moderate the WorkStudio Session entitled Gender Parity in the Future of Work, at 9:00 a.m. tomorrow, September 19.  I feel honored to be given this opportunity as it is the topic very close to my heart.  We will address the issues such as “Building parity into workforce planning” “Raising female talent in high-growth sectors” and “Supporting female entrepreneurship.”  Panelists include two ministers, academics and experts in STEM education/training.

I will report how the session goes, and other programs scheduled during the Forum.  Here is some information about the event. Overall theme is Shaping Innovative Societies in the fourth industrial revolution.

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