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IMG_8727Last night, I went to the reception of symposium for empowering women (not sure the official title) organized by OECD and Harvard Business School. I understand that the symposium was for women and male executives, and distinguished speakers engaged them in lively discussion.
I was invited to reception and was very impressed with the enthusiasm and high energy found in the room, not to mention Who’s Who? present there. I met with quite a few old friends and introduced myself to new ones. It was nice to run into those whom I know well, but do not have too many opportunities to interact lately.
In particular, I was very impressed with passion, energy and fabulous moderation by Yumiko Murakami of OECD. She kept the pace and g0t everybody engaged. Prime Minister Abe showed up to cheer up women, as women empowerment is one of his big agenda.
I could not stay too long as I was under so much pressure to get ready for forum next week and some other things to follow up. I am grateful that I am given the opportunity.

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