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Today is the last day of September and we will start the third last month of the year 2018 tomorrow.  It is true that time flies and in particular, it flies even faster as you start something new such as Online tech training and new initiative such as SINCA.  These two activities have taken up so much time and energy of mine over the past several months.  SINCA launch event was finished last night with some 100 participants(featured photo)   and I am delighted that many seemed to have enjoyed it. (I may be the one that enjoyed most…)

This week is another busy week full of events and activities.  Starting tomorrow, Monday, Oct. 1, we will have Global Agenda Special seminar #4 with Dean Sanjeev Khagram, of Thunderbird School of Global Management  as guest speaker. His title is “”Global Leadership Skills in the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.”

On Oct. 2, I will join the panel at International House of Japan, focusing on “Connect!” at Global Corporate Ladies Event held on the same day at six cities throughout the world. It is organized by Houthoff.

On Wednesday, I will have board meeting.  Thursday, I will join Economic Corporate Network breakfast meeting,  On Friday, October 5, I will join the panel entitled Education/Government at the 2018 IAFOR Global Innovation & Value Summit held at Grand Cube Otemachi. Many policy makers and business leaders will speak and join the panel discussions held throughout the day.


On Saturday, I will speak at Vital Japan event, entitled “World in unprecedented transformation. What would YOU do now?”

In addition, I will have telephone interview and other media related activities, which keep me busy.

The good thing is that the topics are somewhat similar and all but one (board meeting) will be in English.  As I have felt that I am having some trouble keeping up with the new knowledge and skills required to discuss/debate due to too many activities (in particular, launch of new initiatives of SINCA and online tech training which I was supposed to finish today, but needed extension!)  I I need to keep my physical and mental stamina up & keep on learning!

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